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v Family Matters v What Does Best Interest Of The Child Mean?is. Courts do not want to hear this; you can often turn off the judge with this type of testimony. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t state your concerns, you absolutely need to do that, but keep the emotional hatred out of it.Ultimately, the Court will look at the child’s physical, mental and emotional well- being in determining what is in the best interest of that particular child.Brook Irey, Attorney Branch Family Law549 Heimer Rd., Suite 200 San Antonio, Texas 78232 (210) 229-2088 www.branchfamilylaw.comSV Rangers 2022-2023 Varsity Football ScheduleDate Day Visitor Home Site TimeAug. 18Thur.O’ConnorRangersRanger Stadium9:00 AMAug. 27Sat.RangersReaganAlamodome11:30 AMSept. 2Fri.Harker HeightsRangersRanger Stadium7:00 PMSept. 9Fri.RangersEast CentralEast Central7:00 PMSept. 16Fri.RangersWagnerRutledge Stadium7:00 PMSept. 22Thur.CanyonRangersRanger Stadium7:00 PMOct. 7Fri.LehmanRangersRanger Stadium7:00 PMOct. 14Fri.RangersMacArthurHeroes Stadium7:00 PMOct. 21Fri.ChampionsRangersRanger Stadium7:00 PMOct. 28Fri.RangersHaysShelton Stadium7:00 PMNov. 4Fri.SeguinRanger Stadium7:00 PMPost Season BeginsRangersBWe have all heard the term best interest of the child. But in a legal sense what does it really mean? In child custody cases, the court will look at what is best for the child. There is not a clear definition or standard that the courts use to determine what is the best interest of the childCourts will looks at and want evidence showing how the child is doing in school; how the child interacts with the other parent; who has the primary caregiver in the past; are there alcohol or drug problems with either of the parents (must have evidence of this- allegations alone will not hold up); is the child going to have to move schools; is the child in therapy- if so, why and how are they doing; does the child have any disabilities or special needs; are there any safety concerns with either of the parents; how well do parents communicate with each other and are the parents bad- mouthing. These are just a few things that can make up best interest.What one parent feels is in the best interest is often different to the other parent, especially in a custody case. I have seen too many parents get on the stand and state what is better for them, what is convenient for them and how horrible the other parenty Brook Irey, AttorneyPieper Warriors 2022-2023 Varsity Football ScheduleDate Day Visitor Home Site TimeJune 30Sat.FloresvilleWarriorsWarrior Stadium5:00 PMAug. 26Fri.Leander GlennWarriorsWarrior Stadium7:00 PMSept. 2Fri.WarriorsWimberleyWimberley High7:30 PMSept. 9Fri.DavenportWarriorsWarrior Stadium7:00 PMSept. 16Fri.WarriorsHalletsvilleHalletsville Stadium7:00 PMSept. 23Fri.WarriorsBastropBastrop Stadium7:00 PMOct. 7Fri.Kerville TivyWarriorsWarrior Stadium5:00 PMOct. 14Fri.WarriorsCedar CreekCedar Creek Stadium7:00 PMOct. 21Fri.SA Veterans MemorialWarriorsWarrior Stadium7:00 PMOct. 28Fri.WarriorsLockhartLockhart High7:00 PMNov. 4Fri.Liberty BellWarriorsWarrior Stadium7:00 PMPost Season BeginsGuinness Book of World Records San Antonio’s Mariachi KidBy Tracy PetersSinger Mateo LopezAmuch needed catch up with Mateo Lopez, the mariachi cutie has been busier than ever! As a toddler, he started singing with a passion specifically for mariachi music. Singing his heart out, everyone who heard him immediately realized his gifting evident at such a young age. Lopez started booking gigs around San Antonio, his home city. Over the years, his popularity grew to where he now travels out of state to perform.From last hearing about Lopez a few years ago, he is currently in third grade and enhancing his language skills in the dual language program at school, fluent in English and Spanish. While maintaining his grades, Lopez is also juggling acting, vocal, and guitar lessons. In his little free time, Lopez enjoys playing baseball, his favorite sport.The largest crowd he has yet to perform has been his recent trip to Minnesota, last month in August where Lopez sang the Mexican National Anthem at the MLS-Liga Mex All Star Soccer Match. Coming up in a few weeks in September, Lopez will be singing the National Anthem at the Red Sox game for their Hispanic Heritage Night.September 2022It is amazing to see how Lopez started out singing at local restaurants to now performing at national league games, with so much more to come!This past summer in June, Lopez was featured on the front cover of USAMariachi - continued on page 9

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