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On The Cover: Brand New School YearABy Kathi Holzschuhernew school year is underway!Busses are running, football isstarting, bands are practicing, and students and teachers are getting to know one another.The 2022-2023 school year comes with high hopes for a hassle and drama- free experience. With COVID somewhat in the rear-view mirror and heightened and tightened security measures in place, parents and students should feel excitedand hopeful for the new academic year.As students return to school, they look forward to meeting new friends and participating in extra-curricular fun. There are clubs and activities of all types; robotics, cheerleading, sports, band, chess, tennis, pickleball-you name it! Schools provide these experiences to reach their students at their primary place of interest. An added benefit is that these programs offer students some much-needed mental downtime and,in many cases, social and team-building practice.We wish all teachers, students, and families the best of luck as they move through this school year. Savor the moments. They tick by fast.Bulverde & Spring Branch Highlights Celebrates First EditionBy Kathi HolzschuherH ello and welcome to the first edition of Bulverde/Spring Branch Highlights publication. We are local to the San Antonio area, with publications in Stone Oak, Alamo Ranch, and Helotes. Highlighting and supporting businesses, families, schools, and students iswhat Highlights is all about.Ronnie and Gina Barbera are thepublishers and owners and are clear about the purpose of their newspapers. “We are a publication that focuses on community. We like to feature human-interest pieces and youth highlights,” explains Gina. “We have passion for community,” says Ronnie. “We are not a big corporate publication; we are privately owned, so we can choose stories we want to share and what themes we want to do monthly. We have fun with our publications,” he adds.Gina began in the publishing business in 2001. Fast forward to 2014, and a few years after the couple wed, they began a mutual journey of connecting the community through print media. That year, they launched Helotes Highlights and Alamo Ranch Highlights. In 2018, they introduced Stone Oak Highlights to residents in that area. Before the Pandemic, this civic-minded duo also enjoyed hosting large-scale public events, such as Winterfest in Helotes.Earlier this year, while driving north on 281, the Barberas decided to stop in the Bulverde/Spring Branch area and lookHBow Much Should A Backpack Weigh?around. They instantly knew that they wanted to be part of this community. They love the small town feel and family-oriented culture.It was then that they decided to launch a Highlights publication specific to Bulverde and Spring Branch residents. “Now, here we are! And we are excited to bring good news about the area to its residents,” exclaims Gina. “We are all about reporting on the accomplishments of the area youth and supporting local business.”The two have joined the Bulverde/ Spring Branch Chamber to learn about the community’s needs, so they can positively impact. They are enjoying dining around the many eateries and shopping at the area’s boutiques. Don’t be surprised if, while shopping or out having dinner, you’re approached by a dark-haired beauty asking you why you love your community! That’s just Gina.The Barberas are thrilled to introduce Highlights to Bulverde/Spring Branch and the opportunity to serve this community! They encourage residents to email story ideas about notable neighbors, businesses, and remarkable kids to info@highlightspub. comFeel free to call (210) 548-6448 or visit www.highlightspub.comackpacks are handy resources, but weigh no more than 10 percent of what the overstuffed backpacks may cause student weighs. Those findings are based injury. Backpacks should only carry on a Spanish study involving 49 primarycan minimize pressure on the shoulders, back and collarbone. Backpacks made of lightweight material will not add much additional weight to what’s being carried. Another tip is for children and adults to pack the heaviest item carried in the backpack closest to the center of the back to minimize strain.Failure to follow guidelines may result in pain and injuries and have negative effects on balance, which may increase the risk of falls or other injuries.Whenever possible, individuals may want to use trolley backpacks, which are on wheels. They can be dragged, alleviating the need to carry heavy loads.weight that people can handle, and there are guidelines that can help people safely utilize backpacks.The weight of a backpack depends on the age of the person using it. Generally speaking, adults should not exceed 20 percent of total body mass when loading backpacks. That means a healthy person weighing 200 pounds should not carry more than 40 pounds in his or her backpack.In regards to children, researchers indicate that a child’s backpack shouldschool-aged children. Therefore, if a child weighs 70 pounds, he or she should only carry up to 7 pounds in the backpack.Individuals also should follow a few other backpack recommendations to alleviate injuries. It’s not a good idea to wear a backpack hanging from only one shoulder. A backpack should be worn on both shoulders, and ideally with a lumbar strap. This will help to prevent muscular pains by providing well-rounded support.A backpack with wide, padded straps6www.highlightspubs.comSeptember 2022

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