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Legal BriefsDivorced and Thinking about Trying it Again? You Need to Be Aware of the Issues Regarding Your Home.FBy Kathleen Cassidy Goodman, PLLCollowing a divorce, most individuals think they need to change their Will to make certain that when theydie, their former spouse does not inherit their property. This is really not an issue because in that situation, Texas Law treats a divorced spouse as if the former spouse predeceased you. However, it is still highly recommended that following a divorce, you prepare a new Will. While eliminating your former spouse as the primary beneficiary of your estate is the first step, in most situations you will likely need to update your Executor and other information in your Will that is no longer relevant.If you made changes to your Will following your divorce, and now you are thinking of taking the plunge again, there are extremely important issues you need to consider. It is likely that when you entered into your first marriage you were younger, did not have children, and did not really own any property. Perhaps you are older and wiser, but on the second time around, there are additional considerations that you did not have the first time around.One thing you may not have considered is where you and the “new love of your life” will live? You may be thinking, “Why does it matter where we live?” The majority of people who remarry are unaware that upon your death, your new spouse, even a common law spouse, is entitled to live in the family homestead until his or her death.This is true even if your residence is your separate property - property you owned before you remarried. Yes, this is true even ifMariachi- continued on page 9Today. He has also been showcased in the Houston Chronical and the New York Times. From taking acting lessons, Lopez had the opportunity to be included in a 2022 Superbowl commercial. He has participated in multiple commercials as well. A once in a lifetime dream for many kids and adults alike, in 2019 Lopez was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest professional mariachi singer, at age 4 and 236 days old! It was surreal going to Milan, Italy to receive the award! Keep an eye out (and an ear out) for Lopez, the mariachi cutie; he might be singing just around the corner!• Own Your Own Energy• Zero Down• Federal Tax Credit • 30 Year Warranty • Free ConsultationJUDY FRENCHPOWUR Consultant(210) Your Home & Family From PestsSafety, Honesty, IntegrityFamily Owned • Call Us Today!$20 OFF Initial HomePest Control Service!Expires Oct 31, 2022Need Home Improvement & Renovations?• Room Additions • Bathrooms• Kitchens• Concrete Work • Windows• Doors• Rod Iron Fencing/ WoodG & A Contracting LLC Residential & Commercial830-800-15301/2 HOUR FREE CONSULTATION!Let’s Visit and See How I Can Help You!􏰀Kathleen Cassidy Goodman, PLLC􏰀12274 Bandera Rd., Suite 222 Helotes, TX 78023210-949-1000 www.bexarlaw.com25 Years of Legal ExperienceWills • Trusts • Probate • Inheritance • Estate Planning Medical & Financial Power of Attorney • Business Entity Formationyou received the house as part of the divorce settlement from your prior marriage. Your new spouse is entitled to live in your home until he or she dies – even if you gave it to your children in your Will. Your children will have to wait until your spouse dies before they have complete ownership and are allowed to sell your home.There are methods to avoid this unexpected event. Prior to a remarriage, couples can enter into a premarital agreement or a co-habitation agreement. Even if you weren’t aware of this and have already taken that second plunge, you and your spouse can enter into a property agreement to protect your children’s inheritance.Kathleen Cassidy Goodman is an attorneyin areas of estate planning, probate, civil litigation,and business law. She can be reached at her office in Helotes at (210) 949-1000 or for more information, visit www.bexarlaw.comTexan - continued from page 4after Gail. The town of Gail is a county seat with a population of only 202 people, located about 30 miles past the middle of nowhere. The town of Gail is in Borden County, which is also named after Gail. Asin Gail Borden, who invented condensed milk in 1853.And that is what Gail’s name is synonymous with to this day, more than 160 years later.September 11Why Go Solar?$1,000 referral feeCall Today!Call Today For Your FREE Estimate!

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